About Historic Hops

One of the fastest growing beer scenes in Virginia is in the Fredericksburg, VA area. Of the ten breweries on the Historic Hops Beer Trail, half of them have opened their doors within the last year. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that they are producing rookie-level beer. Five of the breweries brought home medals at the last Virginia Craft Beer Cup.

If you enjoy farmhouse ales, 1781 Brewing Company is a can’t-miss. The brewery is located on a beautiful farm just outside of the Fredericksburg area. They have a little something for everyone with a great music venue, beautiful scenery, and a winery for those traveling with friend who might be looking for an alternative to beer.

6 Bears & A Goat Brewing Company is named after the mascots of the owners’ respective military service: 6 Bears (U.S. Coast Guard) and A Goat (US. Navy). All military service members get a 10% discount here making it a great place to grab some food while touring the Historic Hops Beer Trail.

Adventure Brewing has two locations on the trail: Adventure North, and Adventure South (the former Blue & Gray Brewing Co.). Not only have they kept some of the longtime regional favorite beers from Blue & Gray, but they are doing some amazing things of their own, recently earning honors at the Virginia Craft Beer Cup for its second Anniversary Barleywine.

Battlefield Brewing Company is a traditional American diner and one of the area’s oldest breweries, having been open since 1995. Their Porter and their Battlefield Blonde have earned high praise from their guests.

Highmark Brewery is not like any of the other breweries you’ve been to. It has a clean, friendly minimalist décor, and if you looking for something unique to do, while on the Historic Hops Beer Trail, try to stop by during a paint night. On of the owners is a well-know local artist and these events are a great change-of-pace.

Maltese is a brewery owned by firemen, and the interior decoration makes it easy to see that their service is where they get their inspiration. It’s a family-friendly brewery with some amazing beers on tap. Their Barrel Aged Joe’s Stout took home honors from the Virginia Craft Beer Cup.

Red Dragon Brewery gets its name and its logo from the national flag of Wales. As such, it’s not surprising that that they won second place in the British pale ale category with their Cook Lane beer. If you’re looking for a good English ale, this is the brewery for you.

Spencer Devon Brewing is known for its farm-to-table food and its excellent beers to pair with those dishes. The owner describes its as a “craft brewery with a kick-ass kitchen.” Spencer Devon Brewing received second place for its Ol’Goseanna. in the historical, alternative and American wild ale category.

Strangeways Brewing has an unbelievable 96 taps on-site, 48 inside and 48 outside. It won third place for its Helles Frozen Over beer in the pale malty European lager category. For obvious reasons, this brewery has one of the more eclectic selections of beers in the area and is also incredibly kid and dog friendly. No matter what kind of beer you’re in the mood for, chances are you can find it here