A Beer Lover's Tour of America's Most Historic City

What Is Historic Hops Beer Trail?

The Fredericksburg area has always been known for its significant historic sites. Now you can visit some of the region’s best craft breweries while visiting America’s most historic city. The Historic Hops Beer Trail is comprised of ten craft breweries that are located within an easy twenty-minute drive from one another. This beer trail is the perfect way to experience the character of Fredericksburg and meet the brewers that are helping shape the city’s craft beer scene.

Historic Hops - Fredericksburg Craft Beer Scene

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Breweries on the Trail

6 Bears & A Goat Brewing Company
1781 Brewing
Maltese Brewing
Red Dragon Brewery
Spencer Devon Brewing


Historic Hops Beer Trail is an excellent way to connect people to what they love- craft beer! Sometimes visiting breweries on your own can be daunting- which ones to visit, and which beers to try? We simplify this by providing a roadmap for the craft beer enthusiast!

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The Historic Hops Beer Trail stretches from southern Stafford County down through Fredericksburg and over to Spotsylvania. Because each of the breweries are within a short 20 minute drive of each other, it’s easy to create your own personalized route using our interactive map.

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Since When?

The Historic Hops Beer Trail is one of the newest beer trails in Virginia, and is dedicated to serving the craft beer lover by helping them explore the Fredericksburg area beer scene. While it was created in its current form in 2017, this trail hopes to build on the momentum of the tour of the region’s historic sites and breweries put together back in 2016 by the local tourism departments.

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